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Artist introduction for newbies
« on: October 18, 2012, 02:02:29 am »
Introduction to Saint Etienne

Well if you haven't ever heard Saint Etienne or have heard of the name but never heard any of their music - you are in for a real treat! This is one of those kind of highly innovative bands that has something for everyone and will appeal to all sorts of different kinds of people.

As the time and date stands right now on October 18 2012, they have released eight proper studio albums. All of them are wonderful and very different sounding from each other.

Most beginners would do well to start with their 2009 compilation London conversations as a great introduction. Which is compiled of mostly their more dancer tunes.

The band started off inspired by 1960s pop music and humorous samples from movies and British Television. Their first album closely resembles house music but it's hard to call the music anything other than dance pop. The idea of Pete Wigs and Bob Stanley (the founders of Saint Etienne) in the beginning was to use several different guest vocalist but when they met Sarah Cracknell, they quickly decided to keep her as a permanent member of the group.

The first single (song) Saint Etienne released with Sarah Cracknell as the lead singer was Nothing can stop us. It was the very first song (and music video) that I heard (saw) when I first discovered them a couple of years ago.

Nothing can stop us]]Nothing can stop us

Before Sarah joined as their lead singer, they hired Moira Lambert to sing a electro pop smash cover of a Neil Young song, Only love can break your heart

Only love can break your heart (Neil young cover]]Only love can break your heart (Neil young cover

And now here is one more great song to leave you by Saint Etienne from their second album So Touch, which has a similar sound to their first album..

The lyrics are great and the British models featured on this video are lovely! Sarah looks great too. This song has a very retro 1960 pop vibe to it that I just love.  ;D

You're in a bad way]]You're in a bad way

There is a alternate UK version of this music video single which I almost like better than the US version. See it here!

You're in a bad way (UK Version)]]You're in a bad way (UK Version)
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