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Recommendation methods
« on: October 17, 2012, 02:51:02 am »
You may post a topic here to recommend any artist to me that you think I'd like. Youtube links are permitted.

Another way is if you're already a member, you can post a shout to me on my profile there to recommend a new artist to me.

Note: I will NEVER speak about any artist that I don't like in a insulting manner. I will simply tell you if I like them or not, with maybe a simple reason why their not my cup of tea if I don't like them, or a simple reason why they might sound appealing to me.

If the artist that you share with me hits a big score and pleases me, I will let you know and I'll add them to my check list. If later on, I end of really loving the recommended artist's music, I may post a topic board for them here on the ZarUinty music forum!

AND..a big thank you, you will receive!  :)

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