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Artist Introduction for newbies
« on: October 18, 2012, 04:20:12 am »
Introduction to Meja

Meja is a Swedish pop singer. The sound of Meja's music is always pop but each of her five studio albums except for her first two Meja & Seven Sisters (which have a more "organic" pop sound) have a different fresh and fun take on another kind of musical style. Like Mellow 2004 sounds like jazzy pop with a hint of bossanova. And Realitales 2000 plays on the genre of rock pop with some attitude and mystical undertones.

Her music is mainly popular in Japan only. It's a shame because Americans are really missing out on a wonderful and highly talented singer and artist. Meja's music isn't for everyone but for those that will find the following introduction songs appealing; she could really change your life for the better! She did mine!  8)

First off, if you have ever heard of her, All bout the money is probably the only song that you'd remember because of it being a hot single back in 98. It either annoyed the crap out of you (or will when you listen to it in a second), or you found it to be a wonderful fresh pop tune that could easily get stuck in your head for days. It's actually one of my favorite songs by her. I also think that the lyrics are great here and so true!

All bout the money]]All bout the money

The next tune was featured on a Xbox game called dead or alive Extreme Beach Vollyball. I never owned the game but it's probably the way that most people would know this song.

It's called How crazy are you?. From Meja's first album, self titled Meja 1996. One of my top favorite songs by her. The singing, the production. Everything is so great! Even the music video is really cool! Check it out..

How crazy are you?]]How crazy are you?

Still here? Good. :)

Here is a great lyrical and fun upbeat tune with a magical sound called Pop & Television..One of my favorite songs EVER! From Seven Sisters 1998

Pop & Television]]Pop & Television

This last tune is from Meja's third album Realitales and is called Spirits. The song sounds really different from the previous songs that I've shared so far. Realitales 2000 was her attempt at rock pop and I think she pulled it off very well. Enjoy!


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