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Recommend a new artist to ZarUnity / Recommendation methods
« Last post by Zar-Unity on October 17, 2012, 02:51:02 am »
You may post a topic here to recommend any artist to me that you think I'd like. Youtube links are permitted.

Another way is if you're already a member, you can post a shout to me on my profile there to recommend a new artist to me.

Note: I will NEVER speak about any artist that I don't like in a insulting manner. I will simply tell you if I like them or not, with maybe a simple reason why their not my cup of tea if I don't like them, or a simple reason why they might sound appealing to me.

If the artist that you share with me hits a big score and pleases me, I will let you know and I'll add them to my check list. If later on, I end of really loving the recommended artist's music, I may post a topic board for them here on the ZarUinty music forum!

AND..a big thank you, you will receive!  :)
Saint Etienne / Words and music by Saint Etienne
« Last post by Zar-Unity on October 17, 2012, 02:02:25 am »

I thought that this new album (which only took Saint Etienne roughly 16 months to create) was rather weak at first when it came out. I wasn't too receptive to the first single that was dropped either called "Tonight". However, like usual with me not taking a major liking to their previous albums on my very first listen, I later came to really appreciate words and music by Saint Etienne for how good it is. I still feel that it lacks something of major substance that their previous album all had.

However, it is a decent effort filled with memorable good tunes to put a good feel of warmth in your heart.

My favorite song on words & music was one towards the albums end called "I threw it all the way". It had a very magical atmosphere to it that reminded me of their earlier genius.
Any artist that you see in my library on not currently on the boards for discussion yet, you may make a request here to have the artist added.

Please note: If the artist you are wishing to be added to the boards for discussion isn't even in my library in the first place, then you may make a recommendation in the appropriate section, NOT HERE.
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