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Artist introduction for newbies
« on: October 23, 2012, 04:49:24 am »
Introduction to Eve's Plum

Eve's Plum were a grunge rock/pop group that made only two albums in the 90s. They are a extremely underrated, talented band that fronted Colleen Fitzpatrick (Later Vitamin C) on lead vocals. The music relates to teenage life and has a very colorful, fun poppy sound that will bring up feelings of Nostalgia.

"The guitar arrangements are so well done…Colleen lays down such perfect, tight, closely layered harmonies in the studio." ~ A nice description about Eve's Plum by Maukabud66 via Youtube.

Colleen Fitzpatrick sure looks incredibly gorgeous in each of these videos and she is actually a great singer with some smoking attitude and talent!

I also loved her as solo teen pop artist "Vitamin C" later on..

They have many great songs but I will share the four that made it as singles that had a cool music video for each.

First off is a later, very sugar sweet poppy number called Jesus loves you (not as much as I do) from the album Cherry alive 1995..

Next is a slower, more serious sounding tune that is really moody called Die like someone from Envy 1993..

Now here is a great pop/rock tune with some cool attitude called I want it all from Envy as well. Their first album..

Now in closing, her is a really good song from Envy called Blue which has that special sound of the glorious 90s in particular..

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