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Artist introduction for newbies
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:45:28 am »
Introduction to Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton was one of the spice girls in the 90s. (I was never a Spice girl fan.) However, later on she went solo and released some really great albums!

Particularly Free me 2004 & Life in Mono 2006. That was when I was shocked at how good the production was and how well her angelic voice went together so perfectly & so natural. It sounded like she was made to create beautiful music like this..

unfortunately, there is a major shortage of her really good material from these two albums I speak of on Youtube for preview. But I'll see what I can find nonetheless..

The first song I will share is from Free me 2004 and is a great cover of Crickets sing for Anamaria. It's a fun, charming, upbeat tune with a fast singing samba. A happy song.  ;D

Crickets sing for Anamaria]]Crickets sing for Anamaria

The next song is a single from Free me 2004 called  I'll be there. Elegant,  dreamy and romantic. This is the sound of Emma Bunton's music..

I'll be there]]I'll be there

Next is a great song which was the opener to Free me 2004 by the same name..

Free me]]Free me

In closing, here is a song which was put on Emma's debut album A girl like me 2001 called What I am which was originally released in November 1 1999.  A cover of the 1988 classic from Edie Brickell & new Bohemians. I love it!

I was unable to find the music video for this cover song single. They must have taken it down on Youtube unfortunately. So hear is the song alone by itself..

What I am (cover)]]What I am (cover)

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