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Artist introduction for newbies
« on: October 18, 2012, 10:12:26 pm »
Introduction to Danielle Dax

Danielle Dax was a experimental musician and producer genius from the early 80s who quickly found her own style of dark and fun music with an impressive self-taught approach towards her first couple of records. Her voice is charming and adventurous. Beautiful and mystical. Noone sounds quite like Dax! This is a very obscure artist that many missed out on back in the 80s. She is criminally underrated and needs more people to discover how amazing her music is. However, Dax is not for everyone. Some will fall in love with her very unique style of eccentric, colorful and chaotic story telling world. Others will simply be mildly amused and then pass her over as a wannabe artist, and others will really hate her.

I truly fell in love with her music soon after I heard these few songs that she did late in her career.. (when she was changing her music to a more accessible but still really decent pop/mainstream sound)..

The first share is Big hollow man which comes from Inky Bloaters 1987. A cool funky pop tune..

Next is her cover of a cool Beatles song called Tomorrow never knows. I heard the original and I think that she did a great job with this cover. I really like the video and cool Egyptian sound/design here..

Boy does Danielle Dax look sexy in this video! Wow!

I was hooked pretty much after just seeing these first two videos/songs. Since then I became fully obsessed with her music and I spent good money tracking down all of her material. Now I proudly own everything that she has put out.

There's some great live videos here on Youtube that I will share a few of next.

But first, here are a few great tunes from her late 80s pop area..

Where the flies are is a strange and beautiful poppy adventurous tune sure to capture some of the inner imagination..

Next is one of my favorites called Flashback! I love the cool way that she sings this one. It's wonderfully bizarre..

Now in closing, here are two of her entertaining live concert performances from her earlier experimental phase. The percussion and singing here is just madness! So unique and creative..

sleep has no property (from Inky Bloaters in 87..

And if you prefer to hear the studio recording of sleep has no property, since the live recordings here are not the best audio quality..listen to it here..

and now hammerheads (from The Jesus egg that wept 1984)..

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