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Artist introduction for newbies
« on: October 18, 2012, 09:23:34 pm »
Introduction to Alisha's Attic

Alisha's Attic are a very talented sister duo from the UK who make wonderful pop music with a unique style all to their own. The lyrics are very cleverly written and are told from a female perspective. The sisters voices are amazing, especially when they both sing together over each other. The production is excellent and always perfectly fitting to their world of girly pop with attitude.

There are many magical surprises to be found upon listening to one of their albums fully and they all hold great replay value. Meaning that their pop songs are carefully crafted with very memorable melodies and fun character.

Even though some might say that Alisha's Attic are only for teenage girls to listen to, I believe that their music should be heard by other age groups with a natural passion for good alternative pop in general. Because the music is made from the heart and by two girls with real talent, as opposed to one's who flaunt a fake style of talent just to make big piles of money. These girls really have something interesting to say and a special world to introduce you to.

Their first album was produced by Dave Stewart. The guy behind Eurythmics. D. Stewart was actually the one who discovered the sisters  and who helped them get started. The Poole Sisters had been trying to get a record deal for a long time.

The first song I'm going to share is called Indestructible  and came from their great debut titled Alisha rules the world 1996..


The next song is I am, I feel from the debut album as well. This is a live sync recording from The top of the pops (A UK music entertainment show.)

I am, I feel]]I am, I feel

Next is a elegant, dreamy tune from The house we built 2001 called Pretender got my heart which was featured in a movie.

Pretender got my heart]]Pretender got my heart

The last song I will share is a beautiful relaxing tune with lyrics included called Aire we Breathe..

Aire we breathe]]Aire we breathe

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